30 July 2011

Giving up…

If you are planning to go sailing you expect quite a bit. On the other hand you give up a lot as well…
We made a bunch of really great friends the past years. We lived right on the sea with an amazing beach just downstairs….I travel a lot to places which are normally not visited by tourists. We pay NO taxes here….so what the heck is driving us?

I guess it's the hunger for a new adventure. Fulfilling a lifetime dream and escaping from the packed business schedules. We're looking forward to be guided only by the seasons, in particular by the wind and our personal desires. No more stuffed agendas or any “have to do ASAP..” from little dictators :-)

A great thing is that we are not very bound to material things. Selling the household is unemotional business. No tears for getting rid of furniture and other housebound goodies, exchanging ties & suits with flip-flops and shorts sounds exceptionally appealing.

Yeah, I think we do the right thing – travelling light but with a heart filled with wonderful memories. We don’t give up – we start again.