30 October 2011

maiden voyage

This morning we got up and it was as someone has turned over a switch. After non-stop rain and stormy wind it was still chilly but the sun was shining, the sky was clear and the wind calmed down - perfect conditions for our maiden voyage! We busy got everything ready in order to leave Rock Hall behind to head South, finally!! After months of preparation we actually sailed Habibi and it was great, too cold though! We arrived in Herrington Harbour MD late afternoon and docked savely, without any scratch and shouting thanks to a good team work. Wow, what a feeling!

28 October 2011

launched and almost ready

That's our Habibi four days ago when she was launched. After months on the dry dock finally in the water again! And that was the day we moved in our new home and we still can't believe that we live on a boat!
We have been very busy to get everything ready before we'll finally say Goodbye to Rock Hall MD and sail South. Hopefully we can set sails within the next two days as it's getting freezing cold here.
Yesterday our dear friend Kris arrived from Switzerland. He is and will be a big support for us the next two weeks. We are happy to have a third person on board for our very first trip on our Habibi.
You can imagine how excited we are!!

17 October 2011

On Habibi in less than 24h and already a guest!

Wow that’s fast! We will be Cruisers in less than 24h and we already have our first guest! Kris volunteered to provide an additional pair of hands the first few days. I’m pretty sure it’s the best thing to have an experienced sailor on board while getting used to the new and bigger boat. The learning curve will be much higher – and a few beers with a good friend after sailing can make things just better, right?

The picture shows Kris and his famous old Lacustre No. 11 (build in 1939!) on our old “sailing home” the Lake of Constance.