We did some extensive upgrades since we started our journey. Some have been founded by the desire for more comfort or making things "better". Some ar just based on an ordinary breakdown...

Nevertheless, you will find some minor (which does not mean cheap in terms of boating) upgrades too, see below. For the technical interested among our readers we provide here a link to the respective blog entry. Guess this will be more a boater's page...

Fuel Polish
Rebedding Chain Plates
The Egoist Winch 
Freezer Fridge Upgrade
New Cockpit Doors
Windlass Replacement Part 1
Windlass Replacement Part 2
New Table
Cockpit Light
New Dink
Solar Panels
120Volt vs. 240Volt

Some other upgrades without a blog entry:

LED Lights - We changed all lights to LED – this saves us more than 90% of energy! We had a great success with using the warm LED Imtra ( replacement bulps. Easy, just changing bulbs and we are very happy with the warm light.

Internet Booster - Our Internet booster catches every WiFi up to 10miles and brings it down to the router into the boat. This is a real advantage as we do not have to run to the next internet cafe with our laptops so often as other poor fellows.

Wood Work - Habibi had three hanging lockers. We outfitted two of them with shelves which provides much more space (the last one has our Transformer in it). Hanging lockers are a bad thing anyway on a boat. Who travels with three suites and cocktail dresses? Despite the waste of storage, hanging lockers are bad for clothing – the constant movement of the boat will chafe the fine linen…
Additionally we had done a small, removable, table. The big IP table folds nicely away as well, but most of the time we're happy with our space saving solution.

Navigation Setup
As we liked a new Generation of Chartplotter with an AIS transceiver without loosing the working Radar (which was not compatible with the new system) we changed the setup quite a bit. A new pod houses the Raymarine Touchscreen Chartplotter at the helm and the existing system is now downstairs at the nav desk. The system is interconnected to share data (except Radar which just can be read downstairs).
There is as well a Navigation PC with worldwide charts and its own dedicated GPS. Navtex is wired into the PC (with offline reception). The SSB is setup to receive Weatherfax.

Canvas Work
We added a cover for the main hatch so it can kept open even during rain and a curtain to have the doorway closed while we are onboard to keep the heat and sunlight out.