20 August 2011

Becoming moving experts!

The plan is beginning to take shape: I made now the final decision when to leave the job and getting away from the landlubber life. A lot of planning and probably some more stress seams ahead....particularly the moving is a bit different than usual.
Remember, currently we already live abroad, means we'll have to move almost four times: This week we fly to the boat (14h!), carrying almost 100kg of cloths, books and existing sailing gear to Habibi. After coming back the admiral flys home (another 6h) to bring some of the first load back to storage. Then we will sell the car, furniture and cancelling our Visas to move back to our home country (yes, another 6h flight time). Finally, six weeks from now we will fly back to Habibi (8h) to move in and become cruisers!

See you somewhere on an airport....