What to say about yourself? We are just another couple that loves traveling.

We are both born and raised in Switzerland, which was our home base for most of our life. OK, Marco was often on the road, or better in the air: either for business or private. Finally we spent the last three years living, working and traveling in the Middle East... sadly without any boat.
What Marco says about Rahel:
·         She is simply the perfect trustful partner and best friend for anything in life
·         She’s maybe not mad about sailing in general – but she's crazy for traveling the world
·         She grows with each challenge and masters even the impossible, still tending to underestimate her ability to move mountains
·         She just learned to cook after she turned 33…
·         If she drinks she gets tired

What Rahel says about Marco:
·         He is crazy about boats and owned and restored several of them, always dreaming about the cruising lifestyle…
·         He is very involved with whatever he does, with a tendency to make this things becoming “his life”
·         He is very generous, but never make him furious!
·         When we met he had just blue & white shirts – because it was easy to get dressed
·         If he drinks he talks too much