29 August 2013


Habibi's last trip started early in the morning

Dear blog follower

We went silent - on our blog and facebook. Of course there's a reason and we are finally able to share it with you. Here you go:

We stopped cruising and just put our beloved IP 380 "Habibi" up for sale!
(Find the link here and please feel free to share it and spread the word)

It wasn't a decision we've made from one day to the next and we can assure you it wasn't an easy one.
We are so very grateful that we had the chance to fulfill our dream of sailing - well, it was Marcos dream in the first place until I came to value it. Those almost two years of cruising taught us invaluable lessons for life.

While underway we met colorful people and made wonderful friendships, got to know different cultures, their food and way of living, experienced countless breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, learned to respect mother nature and its power. More than once we faced difficult situations, struggled with our abilities, reached our limits - and thanks God always managed to get by.

We learned a lot about ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses and how to complement one another. We both had our tasks and therefore shared responsibility. Marco developed unbelievably advanced technical and sailing skills while I lost my fear of the sea (but not the respect), took over the helm and was responsible for the route planning and weather forecasting.

Rahel is enjoying the perfect weather on Long Island Sound

In other words: we might look the same but this journey had a considerable impact on us - we think in a positive way.

And now we are on the way to start a landlubber life again. Marco awaits a new challenge: he's gotten the opportunity to go back to Dubai and resume work for his former employer in a very interesting position.

Marco already in working mode...

There are still stories and pictures we'd like to share but didn't have time for. We will be posting them soon. Stay tuned - the adventure isn't over yet!

Marco & Rahel