24 October 2012

Fruits n' critters

Do these fruits and veggies not look clean and fresh?
I prefer to buy produce fresh from the market or the local stores. They usually sell what's in season and I believe that it never was treated with any pesticides. The basket full of healthy goodies you see in the picture got the same treatment as all the fruits and veggies I bought on our trip: they immediately get tossed in a bath of water with some vinegar and little bleach. I learned before we started our cruise that one should do that to prevent getting any bugs on board. So far I never saw anything else than some dirt floating in the water. Not today - in front of my eyes the water started to be alive. And I finally knew why I was doing this procedure! If I had skipped the washing cycle our Habibi would be populated by some ants and other critters by now... no bueno!
Maybe you find this disgusting and ask yourself why I didn't throw the whole stuff over board? To be honest this thought shortly hit my mind. But nothing survives bleach, right? (I was VERY generous with it today!) And when I recalled all the places where we've eaten and bought our food on our journey and count the times we got sick (almost zero) I thrust aside this thought and kept the fruits. They are too good to be wasted!

With love from paradise

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