07 May 2013

900nm ahead!

Even if many ocean crossing saltwater sailors may laugh - we're a bit nervous about the upcoming trip. If weather permits we will sail from Puerto Rico straight up to Bermuda starting by tomorrow. And if you check the map carefully you may even find Bermuda on it... It's not some fly poop in the middle of nowhere, it's actually a bunch of islands, tiny and "just right" off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina on the US East Coast. 

And as usual we say "if weather permits". As you can imagine, getting a weather forecast for a week is very difficult since there is a constant movement (and if one of my previous managers is reading - the same applies sometimes for sales planning :-)). Until beginning of this week it was clear we should leave Thursday or Friday. This morning (Tuesday) our forecaster meant we should run right now as there might some storms approaching. Of course traveling to the next city to check out of Puerto Rico took too long and we had to postpone for tomorrow. So again, our plans are on the edge. We may leave tomorrow Wednesday towards Bermuda, and on day three or so we have to check where the nasty weather is moving, it's either to the SE Coast of the US or Bermuda. Which means we may have to adjust while underway... Isn't that nice?

The trip is roughly 900nm long, that's 1'700km. And we plan to travel with a speed of around 10kmh. Means it'll take us between 7 and 8 days to get there. Since there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, between Puerto Rico and Bermuda we will have no internet, no cellphone coverage or so. Our only connection to the rest of the world will be the Shortwave Radio SSB and the Satellite Phone. So if you're not frightened of the trip, think about this: Eight days no Facebook, no Skype, no News! That's almost as challenging as the trip itself. I mean, what happens if the world as we know it comes to an end and we will not even know it?

Nevertheless, we're getting ready and hope it will be a very boring trip with settled weather and no other challenges than a big fish on the hook. Keep fingers crossed!

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