19 June 2013

Sailing New England

The light and fog horn at the entrance to Newport

Just a brief update. We're still cruising New England (currently in Block Island) and we're in love with it, even if it comes with a few sailing challenges that we have to get used to.  

First of all, this coast has much more tide than we ever experienced before. The changing water level is not a problem, what makes it new to us is the current. All the time the tide changes, the water flows in or out into the Atlantic. Therfore you may have current with or against you. Some spots are known to have almost as much current as we can run using our engine. Just imagine, you go full throttle just to realize that you're standing still. So additionally to watching wind and sea state we have to time departure and arrival according to the tide as well. 

our "bible" while sailing this area

As you may also know lobster is the catch over here - everywhere! Which means the very infamous buoys for the lobster pots are waiting all over the place to catch your propeller. And did I mention it can as well get foggy - within minutes?

on this buoy a lobster pot is attached
fog can appear quickly in New England!

But there are other very significant new things as well. Instead of telling now some cruiser tales I just quote 1:1 from our guide books and charts - have fun:
- "Torpedo testing area"
- "Submarines operate throughout the area, appearing when least expected (especially interesting in the fog)"
- "an infamous section of the passage where 7 knots and shifting currents are not unusual"


  1. New England is wonderful. I am so glad you sailed north. When you get to Maine, you can walk across the harbors on the lobstah pots as they call them. Enjoy Block.

  2. Hey Marco & rahel sounds like a two year sabbadical is more than you can handle. U better get back to work! Betsy & I (Jim) formerly from "feeling lucky" rock hall, appear to be on a mooring ball a few boats nearer town.....
    Port Washington, NY. U not present now....2:18 pm.,.7-11.......but if u reappear we r planning on a large pitcher of top shelf margaritas......dinner...if we can find grocery..........got cell call 610-301-3316 or 610-207-1510....otherwise look for the Xmas lgts..ip350..
    Bon attitude