28 January 2014

Flashback: Battle of Habibi

We experienced a more or less uneventful sail from New York down South towards the Chesapeake Bay area - well, we managed to escape a few squalls and not to pick up one of the numerous lobster pots on the way. Ah, and a school of dolphins accompanied us for a while...

calm conditions

school of dolphins

When entering the Delaware Bay we encountered a well known phenomena (which, truth be told, had nothing to do with our shower intervals!): all of a sudden sting flies, hundreds of them, circled the boat!

this fly looks innocent, but imagine hundreds of them - stinging!

Marco with the license to kill - a losing game...

we tried everything

And even though the ground forces fought hard and killed dozens of them, relief came finally from the Odonatas (we called them thankfully our little Spitfires). We had up to 10 of them in monster sizes flying in and out of the cockpit to kill as many intruders they could get!

an ordonata attacking and...

...eating our enemy

an oversized dragonfly

beautiful creatures

And all of a sudden the flies disappeared as quickly as they had shown up - and with them our knights in shining armor. Thanks nature for sending us help to win this battle!

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