13 August 2012

Project: Cockpit doors

To close the boat we have the usual boards - they're very robust but a hassle to put in and out. In a marina or at anchor that's not nice. Additionally we had a mosquito screen to put in to let air and light come in while down below. The problem was that you could not close the boat with the screen and even if so, it would've been easy to break that tiny wooden frame.

So we decided to mount custom-made, removable doors. We fitted the massive door frames with mosquito screens and added some bars as well to protect against unwanted visitors. For us that's a real added value as we're now able to close Habibi within seconds. And closed doors while sitting for a sundowner in the cockpit means less mosquitoes down below. Yes, it will not be as strong as the boards, that's why some folks fit a heavy steel frame. But this is much more convenient, and let's face it: If a burglar really wanted to break in even framed steel bars would not stop him.

Habibi has now real doors - a bit like a house, right?

1 comment:

  1. Those are beautiful and very well designed. I like the bars as well. Good idea. I need these! 11 yrs now with those darn boards errrrt