22 February 2012

Goodbye Bahamas - Welcome Caribbean

Yes, it was quite windy in the Bahamas!

When you read this we already moved on into the Caribbean Sea! We spent far too much time in the Bahamas - more than planned. Mainly for two reasons: First of all it's amazingly beautiful, people say the water will nowhere be clearer. Second, it's big, I mean real huge! It consists of over 3000 islands, covering almost 14,000km2 - be assured we just scratched the surface of the paradise even with two months there. But we're confident that we are going to explore some new ground which will surprise us with another kind of beauty.

When it's time to say goodbye you do this as always with a laughing and a crying eye. We met several extraordinary people during our journey and we will miss all of them until we meet in another port of call in the, hopefully, near future: To name a few: Marco spent some amazing days fishing with Mark and Kevin, their wifes Marlene and Velma have been the perfect entertainers for so many evenings. We will miss you and your guidance for us new wanna be cruisers! Last but not least Cristel and Levant: We met them both when we waited for the final weather window. They live aboard a beautiful 85 footer which they manage for the owners, but are dreaming as well of being soon fulltime cruisers. It's hard to describe, but how much time do you need to connect to people? Levant and Cristel made this easy, after a few days it felt as we would know each other for years. Guys, you served us with the perfect finish of an already perfect Bahamian Cruise! We will miss you and thanks again for the splendid time we spent in your company!

Our last sunset seen in Bahamian waters.

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