23 December 2012

You're never the biggest boat

We thought Dominica would be an exception - but even here you can observe the following phenomenon: when you think you're the biggest boat there is always an even bigger one coming!
The sailboat on the right - by the way under Swiss flag* - is an Oyster 575, around 60 feet and we thought it was big. Till "Skat" the yacht on the left arrived... We learned that it is 233 feet long, has 16 crew, 2 x 2700 hp, 210'000 l fuel and a helipad on the upper aft deck servicing a helicopter painted in military look colors matching the yacht.
The most interesting part to us are the information given about the owner Charles Simonyi - he is originally from Hungary, like Rahel's dad! He made his money with Microsoft and reading his biography is quite impressive! As he's spending 6 months on board of his yacht there is a big chance that he is on board right now to spend Christmas in Dominica and not in a hip place like St.Barths or so - which makes him even more sympathetic.

* As we see currently so many boats flying the Swiss flag, an American friend is doubting that Switzerland has just around 8 million inhabitants - he is insisting that he counted nearly that many Swiss flagged boats in the Caribbean alone :-)

From paradise with love

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