31 December 2012

Happy New Year from Dominica

When we passed by this beach yesterday we saw the locals enjoying some family time on and in the water. From young to old everyone seemed to have fun, children splashing or building sand castles, adults bathing while chatting to others or sipping on a Kubuli (local beer). Just a very relaxed atmosphere on a sunny Sunday afternoon with a lot of smiling faces. And they don't have much...

Since we moved on Habibi certain things are less important to us as they used to be. We enjoy every day even when for example discovering light beer in a supermarket (for Rahel of course) is the highlight of it! So, today is New Year's Eve? We don't fancy a big party. Actually we don't even have any plans. And don't get this wrong - we do not say this lifestyle is right for everyone. We really just say we learned a lot of new things the past year.

So, even there will be no big party we will spend our time gorgeously: We're having some sundowners with new found friends on their boat in a nice anchorage!

But we never forget our roots. All of you who made our dream possible and believed we can do it. There are so many people we should thank for that continuous support we get with our crazy sounding dream.

So lets say Thanks to you all: Blog Followers, Facebook Followers, our Families & Friends and as well the zillion of other people which contributed in many different ways to make our dream come true...

Thank you all and have a blast in 2013 and of course in many more years to come!

With much love from paradise
Marco & Rahel on Habibi

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  1. Happy New Year to both of you a little late (aber Ihr wisst ja gut Ding will Weile haben).

    I trust Santa was good to you and made your wishes come true. For 2013, we wish you good health, success, fair winds, no hurricanes and lots of laughs and happiness.
    hugs to both of you.
    Maya, Werner, Nyoko, ZsaZsa, Sophie, Rosario, Tiger and Nero