11 January 2013

time to say goodbye

After three! weeks in Dominica we're going to use the weather window that's opening up on Saturday/Sunday to head towards Guadeloupe. First stop will be Les Saintes - hopefully we'll be able to sink our teeth in a warm baguette fresh out of the oven! The next day we're going to sail to Pointe-à-Pitre, the biggest town in Guadeloupe. There we hopefully will be well sheltered from the big North swell that is predicted for next week.

We can't point out enough how much we liked Dominica and its people. Our expectations have been exceeded in more than just one point. We have encountered so many lovely, helpful, happy people everywhere we went. Of course, some of them wanted to sell a service. But when they realized that there won't be any business they didn't push and remained friendly - unlike on other islands in the Caribbean. It happened more than once, when a drunkard begged for some coins that another person stepped in and told him to stop bothering us.
During three days we explored the island with a rental car. The streets are just amazingly new and in excellent shape! Thanks to the EU and the Chinese but who cares? Only when we went deep into the rainforest some streets turned into muddy roads - no surprise after all that rain! The island is visibly clean and it seems that the people really care to keep it this way. We came across No-littering-signs everywhere. And during this three days we never worried to leave our boat unattended. In the anchorage in Prince Rupert Bay in Portsmouth the PAYS guys do a great job to make cruisers feel welcome and safe - we especially can recommend the service of Martin on his boat Providence.
The hiking trails are amazing and leading through the lushest nature we've seen, the snorkeling is great and life (food, drinks, eating out etc.) is reasonable in comparison to the French islands.
Did we find paradise? I guess we got really close!

With love from paradise

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