07 January 2013

crazy weather!

Wind speed in knots for tomorrow. We prefer the blue colors...
picture courtesy of www.passageweather.com

When you're following our facebook page you already know that we extended our stay in Dominica due to a bad weather pattern. Actually it's been CRAZY the last few days! 
Within minutes it can change from blue sky and calm to heavy rain and gusts up to 40 knots - the three pictures were captured this morning withing a period of 20 min. We don't want to imagine the conditions offshore with seas up to 3.5m/12ft... 
It's no secrect: during summer they have Hurricanes and during winter the so called "Christmas winds" in the Caribbean. Here's an excerpt from doyleguides website: In the winter season a big high-pressure area to our northeast is a dominant feature. When the isobars get tight, the wind increases and is sometimes very fresh (25-30 knots). We call these Christmas winds.
It looks like it's going to "calm" down a little by the coming weekend which would give us an opportunity to move on to Guadeloupe. 

typical squall with gusts and rain

we've seen hundreds of rainbows in the Caribbean...
rain again, this time in the far back over the mountains

In the meantime we are not bored at all. During three days we've been exploring the island's beauty inland by rental car. The following two days are predicted to be the worst so we'll probably stay on the boat, tick some boat jobs from the list or just hang out with a good book or watch a movie. 
We have to admit that for a short period of time we've been tempted to lift anchor and rush towards Guadeloupe. But we're very happy that we stayed. There is so much to see and do, people are so friendly and helpful. Dominica and its people surprised us in so many ways, the list would be endless!

With love from paradise

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  1. IP380 CYAN says, that the Caribbean weather is far worse than anything Panama to NZ. South Pacific is simply 23 day sail with winds aft and steady 15-20 knots!!!!! Head for the canal!!!!