28 December 2011

Caribbean way of life

We LOVE the Caribbean and its way of life - the water is so clear you can see every detail till the bottom, each building is painted in bright colors, the ice-cream van tootles through the street, in the stores you buy what they have (maybe that's what you want), music is playing day and night and the people are laid-back. Sailing in paradise? So far so good. Let's see how we'll think about it in a couple of weeks...

There are two possibilities: firstly - we still love it, are as relaxt as the locals and take every day as it comes (that's what we hope for!) or secondly - we may refuse to go for a swim as you can see in detail what's actually swimming underneath (you name it: sharks, tarpons, jellyfish, stingrays, all kind of waste), we may get tired about all the colors (in particular about the eye hurting patterns on T-Shirt's, mostly worn by tourists), we hate ice cream as the constant blaring is really bugging us or we may freak out while heading from store to store to get what we really NEED....

But in this case we would just rush to the next island to check out the options there....life is great, isn't it?

In the meantime, with love from paradise

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  1. How fun it all sounds. Cruising life is the best life.