01 December 2011

Over 7 bridges you have to go...

... or in our case 22! Yes, that's the number of opening bridges we've passed only today from 7am till 6pm. Poor Habibi, we might have pushed her a little too hard - let's hope she'll forgive us. It was the price we had to pay as we couldn't take the shortcut over the Atlantic Ocean. Northern wind against Gulf Stream = no bueno. Even we've chosen to continue the ICW it was still choppy enough. I don't want to imagine how it was on the ocean... But we had to bite the bullet - on this last piece of our journey on the ICW Florida one bridge follows the other. And almost each one has it's own opening schedule. Either they open on the hour and half hour, or on the quarter and three quarter hour or on demand! So we calculated sharp from one bridge to the other, gave full throttle and tried to persuade the operators to wait two more minutes with the opening!
Along the way we passed exclusive residential areas such as Palm Beach - the waterfront villas are getting more luxurious and the boats bigger. The water already looks much more pleasing with its lighter color and the temperatures (water and air) are rising every mile now.
By tomorrow we should be arriving in Fort Lauderdale - we've only to pass around 10 bridges, a piece of cake!


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