24 December 2011

Christmas in the Bahamas

Our Christmas present:
lifting the Bahamian courtesy flag

After a stressful time the past few weeks with the arrival in Bimini hopefully our "real" adventure started as of today! No major repairs, no more waiting for a special tool, no shitty harbors anymore - OK, let me dream a little ;-) But honestly, it's like a Christmas present: clear blue water, nice scenery, Caribbean feeling. We're really looking forward to explore the Bahamas and kick back a little!
Shortly to our Gulf Stream Crossing and my first night passage ever: actually it went quite smooth. Yes, the course we had to steer to get to our target wasn't too comfortable but hey, the arrival in paradise wipes away all misery! Sailing while it's pitch dark around you is a bit spooky... But there are so many helpful tools like radar or AIS and of course your own eyes - during the night your eyes adapt to the dark quite well. The weather forecast was very accurate too - we've subscribed to the service by the Marine Weather Center. But my biggest fear has always been: how would I feel when there is no more land in sight! And you know what? It turned out that it isn't a problem! Sure, it was only a few hours when we lost sight with Miami and before the Bimini islands appeared on the horizon. Still, I'm relieved! And, I fully trust Habibi to be save, strong and stable in any situation - as long we're treating her well. Like the wash down with sweet water after this salty crossing ;-)

Even in the harbor the water is crystal clear

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Congratulations on your crossing! What a great Christmas gift. Merry Christmas from your sister ship, Cara Mia!

  2. Congratulations, and merry Christmas from Colorado.
    And of course the swiss sailors would like to know what course you took in the end? Have a good time.