22 March 2012

Drive-through bar..

I’ve seen a lot of funny things in my life, but this is definitely something which goes on top of the list:

After an amazing evening in Santa Domingo (we visited a Boatshow and a sailor bar) some friends drove us home. On the way the driver mentioned a drive-through bar for a few last beers. A drive-through BAR??  That’s not possible right?

I struggled to believe until we stopped at one: It's not a cheap looking backdoor place. Nope it’s a real cool bar where they serve decent drinks while you drive….And it's even on a nice location. I just can assume that back home the police would install a fix checkpoint a few meter after the bar! I learned soon that’s not a problem over here:

So we grabbed our beers and went on the 20-minute journey home.  Which took us a bit longer as usual since the highway was diverted for whatever reason. To get the right direction, our driver stopped in the middle of the highway exit to ask two cops in a police car parked on the side. Do you get the picture? Each person in our car had a bottle of beer in his hand and the driver could hardly understand the officer as our music was a bit loud….

Knowing now the way we have been safely back on Habibi a few minutes later. Different countries different rules right?

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