21 March 2012

Serial Killers!

Washing laundry is one of the recurring adventures we have. This time it was not just exciting, it was life threatening! 

The machines we have in this Marina are branded "Dexter". Nothing special until it was clear why they are named this way: This brand is inspired by the TV Series which tells the story of a complete nuts Serial Killer named Dexter!!! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dexter_(TV_series)
Unfortunately for me, the three Dexter's in our marina have been tired of killing socks and underwear at one point. Like every decent Ax Murder you're craving to bring it to the next level to keep the thrill: After ripping probably thousands of innocent textiles apart they got hungry for more: real human blood!

Since I was able to write this blog you know I could escape. But it was a close call anyway. After todays usual fight with the 23 minutes washing cycles (yeah Dexters are faster than every European washing machine) I could recover some of the laundry, even a bit cleaner as before and with minimal loss of just one ripped T-shirt. But with the second load the water pipe behind the machine exploded. Immediately soaking the not very well protected electric connections. I guess the Dexters replaced the fuse some time ago with aluminum foil in preparation of this attempted murder. So I standing in a wet laundry, a sparkling shortcut on the wall and some wires touching the metal housing of the machine. Glad I made it out there in time, otherwise I would have been grilled. These bloodthirsty bastards!

When I came back to make some crime scene pictures, all looked peaceful again. The killer was still disabled and just a few, ok taped, wires are touching the machine housing. But I do not trust the peace at all, particularly since Rahel sends me over again to do some additional laundry before we leave. Could this be a conspiracy?

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