16 March 2012

Saving the world?

If you're cruising or checking out some cruising blogs you'll find a lot of folks underway for a "higher" or "better" reason. At least that's what they pretend to be doing... Some would like to bring the bible to remote places, some others sail for fundraising for a particular disease or would like to make us aware of some environmental problems. I recently met again one of this "better world" persons. I mean, he's sitting with a beer in his 200k boat in front of one of the most stunning beaches and lectures me why he is daring himself around the world to make this planet a better place. I cannot stand this kind of people. I mean, you load a cruising boat with all the gimmicks of the western world to have some luxury and explore all the nice places on this planet, well insured of course, pretending that's for a better reason? Common, how stupid do you think we are? If you really think you need to travel for whatever awareness be frank to yourself and row*, walk or bicycle around the world. Sweat your own blood so people really believe your intentions!

The only thing which is more stupid than that is the fact that there are still people who support such kinds of travels. Do your math my friends: Take at least 100k for the boat, another 25k per year  for living makes 150k at least for two years "awareness trip". Multiply this sum for bigger boats and/or crews. Your money will first pay the boat, then the expenses and maybe some beers. I would not expect that more than 5% ends up where it actually belongs to.

So, if you still like to spend some money for the better cause, you may pay us a few beers! I know we do not sail for world peace or for the awareness of the little green woodpecker. We just sail to see the world, explore some new grounds and make new friends. Simply to open our minds. I believe this are very sound reasons. And since we're doing this in a sailboat our carbon footprint is lower than that of any of you landlubbers. So if this is not worth a few bucks I do not know...

* there are of course people who are rowing the seas for a better world! Check out Roz Savages website, she is amazing and earns our full respect for what she is doing: http://www.rozsavage.com/

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