28 April 2012

A few good reasons not to have guests on board

We spent now almost two weeks with dear friends on board. It goes basically very well, of course there are a few drawbacks: Learn from our mistakes and have a "better" trip with your guests!

The most important point: Never ever have a guest which loves to cook & eat! In the beginning it's nice to get at least three hot meals served a day. But at one point your grill will break down because it tried to hold all the 20 pound T-bones (yep, it happend!) and you find yourself running for gas bottle refills in remote places. The worst part is actually the endless snacks in between! I mean after one week you start to gain all the pounds back again which you've finally lost the past few months.  

We love wine. Usually we have it for dinner. But we normally do not have it for an early apero, lunch and dinner. And of course some glasses in between as it is so refreshing during "holiday". Latest when they discovered the nice Caribbean Rums you start to think about the days after guests: Is it difficult to get regularly meetings with A.A.* while cruising?

Never, I mean really NEVER tell your guests that you have a Watermaker! Your 170 gal (650 Liter!) water tank lasts for a few hours or so. Same with electricity, our solar array is big, real big. But I literally hear my poor batteries whining when the hairdryer runs off the inverter. So it's best if you keep guests blind about technical stuff you've acquired during your outfitting process. 

The scariest part of having guests is actually if HE spoils HER. I mean Rahel is happy that someone cooks and cleans the dishes. I love that too. But it really scares the hell out of me when she starts to ask me when it was the last time I served her breakfast!!!! Don't let that happen - you will pay the next six months, at least!

Last but not least: Avoid any health freaks - I mean I know jogging every mornings is a good thing - but the look of your wife who thinks you should do something as well is real poisonous.  

So, even if we enjoy every minute of this luxury we, or most probably me, will have to pay a high price for this spoiled weeks. Learn from my mistake: Next time I will clearly plan more ahead and have some macho hardcore sailors around me who drink only beer, swear and smoke like hell. I will keep my weight and they will make me look real great!

* Alcoholics Anonymous


  1. We know what you mean :) Greetings from Prairie Fox - in Culebra now...

  2. That is funny, very funny...but also very on point! OH NO....you have some work to do now! Darn those bad guests, what where they thinking! :-)