21 April 2012

St.Barth - holiday feelings

Since our guests arrived we're having something like a holiday feeling. I know, most of you think living and travelling by sailboat must feel like holiday all the time - but it doesn't. There is always something to fix, to polish, to organise, to plan, to take care of. But especially since we arrived in St.Barth we're taking time for exploring, for swimming, for eating delicious food and drinking good wine. Maybe it's the French environment on this beautiful island. It's off-season already and therefore very quiet and relaxed. You can stroll through town and adore the nice mix of French and Swedish influence, you don't have to make a reservation in one of the restaurants and the people are friendly and talkative. Even though there are some very big boats in the harbor you don't feel to be in a posh place - OK, there are all exclusive brands (Hermes, Louis Vuitton, etc.) present you can think of and in one of the watch stores there are a few pieces displayed in one window worth millions of Euros! Shopping is definitely only for the super rich people.

A nice side story: at our arrival in St. Barth we went for dinner with some friends of our guests. While sitting in this amazing restaurant overlooking the whole harbor Marco and this guy chatted away and tried to figure out why they think they know each other. After digging into the past they figured out having worked together in the same electronic company 20 years or so ago. How far do you have to travel to meet again the peers from your first job??? Life is amazing isn't' it?


 As always there are more pictures posted on our facebook-page. Check it out!

With love from paradise

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