06 April 2012

Hit & Miss

Surprising Food Shopping
We live now for almost six months on a boat. Guess that's time enough to make a short summary what we miss and what not:

- New friends! We met so many extraordinary people from all over the world it's a real blessing. Sadly that it is mostly just for a short period - but still: There are great guys out there on the water!
- Make-up: OK, not me as I'm looking just great naturally, but Rahel says that's a daily routine she's not missing at all - I think a natural sun tan is the best make-up at all....
- Ironing clothes: We do not even have an iron on board! Actually we wonder by now why shirts need to be ironed at all...maybe that's a rule I start to question when I'm back.
- Tight planning: We live in a bigger picture, there is actually no real plan for tomorrow. Yes we may have to be in Grenada or so before June, but everything else is open. Guys you would not believe how nice that is...
- Cellphone: We even hardly turn on our satphone anymore. Our cells are not working since months as we do not bother to buy local sim cards. Not missing that at all, in particular as I catch myself sometimes grabbing in my empty pocket when a nearby cell rings at the bar - hope this bad habit is gone soon.
- Closed shoes and socks: Who really needs them? Flip flop are a very decent footwear, actually I'm convinced by now that you could run a marathon in them. You get them everywhere, nice Havaianas starting at five bucks a pair. 
- Surprise effect: you can read as many guide books and charts you want - but we experience surprises almost in every location we arrive. May it be the amazing nature, or simply a super fast wifi in a remote anchorage, the local cuisine or as pictured above the selection in the grocery store (I mean - WHO EATS PIG'S FEETS IN PINKISH JELLY???)

- Old friends and family! Being on the road means it's sometimes difficult to catch up with them. That's a bit a pity. 
- Dubai: Yup, we have to admit we miss our past center of life sometimes a bit. Not the stress at work and some other fancy stuff. But the morning coffee ritual at the office was great, the evening beers on the terrace even better. And for the rest see above....
- A fix address: The world is so flat today you could order whatever you need online. If we just knew where we would be tomorrow. I have to admit that's sometimes a bit a hassle.
- Washing Machine: We wash clothes mostly in the laundry - God we would love to have a decent washing machine and a dryer on board, but there is simply not enough space and power....
- A hot shower: If we are on anchor for an extended period we have enough water for our daily shower. But as we just get hot water from the engine or shore power we depend on solar bags out in the nirvana. They heat the water up to a point where it's warm, but not hot...
- A non handicapped toilet: boat heads (a toilet on a boat) are notorious for clogging if you put too much thick toilet paper (tissues are definitely a no-go) in. So far ours never clogged but just because we're very careful with the (thin) paper usage. I can ensure you, our bxxx's are always clean! Still we miss the luxury of six layered double soft parfumed paper. 
- Typical Swiss food: sometimes we would kill for a simple Raclette! Rahel recently discovered a package of real Swiss Fondue in a supermarked but didn't tell me. I did not talk to her for the rest of that day....

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