21 May 2012

Habibis run to St.Lucia

a pleasant sail...

We left Martinique a couple of days ago towards St.Lucia. We knew there would be 20kts or more of wind, seas as high as 7' to 8' and the possibility of squalls. But we also knew the weather wasn't going to get any better and we didn't want to spend too much time in Martinique. So off we went, had a fabulous sail in the first half of the passage and for the first time we even had all three sails out! Then two squalls hit us but weren't too bad. It was by then when we turned off the Autopilot and started to steer ourselves - it just seemed to be difficult for it to keep a steady course with the big seas and gusty wind (another point to add to our check-list).

In the last third of the trip we were hit by a real nasty double squall with gusts up to 40kts and even bigger seas and it got really hard to hold the steering wheel, while splashed with saltwater. I would lie if I'd say it was a pleasant trip. But there have been a lot of lessons learned again: we usually reefed the sails early enough, my intuition of if and when we would be hit by a squall was mostly right and Habibi with her long keel cut smoothly through the waves all the time. We felt safe and were again convinced that she will hold out against any conditions (No, we're - or I'm - not fancy to push her to the limit!).
the other sailboat almost disappeared behind the waves
With love from paradise


  1. Ds sieht eindruecklich aus, ich bin fast sicher mir waer schlecht, obwohl das Adrenalin koennte mir da geholfen haben. Gusts mit 49 Knoten, da schuettelt unsere Capella aber gewaltig. Was macht Ihr denn nun wenn die Sturmsaison kommt? Habt Ihr schon einen Plan?
    Liebe Gruesse aus unserem Paradis

  2. Hallo Maya, tja zum Schlechtwerden war schlicht keine Zeit ;-) Die Gusts waren bis 40 Knoten, aber das war genug. Wir werden bis Grenada segeln und dort eine gewisse Zeit verbringen. Und dann schauen wir weiter. Das Schöne am Segeln ist, dass wir keine Pläne haben ;-)
    Wie geht es euch? Seid ihr auch fleissig draussen mit eurem Boot, wenn es die Zeit erlaubt?