09 May 2012

manger comme Dieu en France!

The French overseas territory is amazingly beautiful. But frankly we tend to forget to look around and explore as we normally do, we're simply to occupied to eat and shop French goodies! After several months on remote islands where it  was sometimes even hard to find a piece of bread we love to eat again like God in France! 

Take Les Saintes/Guadeloupe for example. The local Boulangerie is baking baguettes twice a day. If you know the timing (of course we do!) you go there five minutes early and get the bread right out of the oven! Nothing beats that! The small supermarkets stock all this nice cheeses, wines and whatever your heart desires.
We changed already some rituals: While sailing our lunch snack is some fresh baguette with amazing cheese, the anchor drink is now cold Cidre instead of a Cuba Libre. Or even the question changed: Instead of the typical "do you like a glass of wine" we ask each other now: What kind of wine do you like honey?? 

And when you think that's all, things are getting even better:  This anchorage knows how to treat guests - you can order a fresh baguette or croissants right to your boat! No early dink ride to get your warm bread for breakfast! Life is really pampering us at the moment...


  1. Why....why....why torture us with the French bread pictures...that is mean!

  2. Why again did you say you want to leave paradise? Ok, off I go to go and get my fresh US 'Knatschebrot'