12 May 2012

personal break through

For who knows me it's no secret - I don't like to put my head under water! No, it's not because it could destroy my hairdo... The imagination of not being able to breath naturally (inhale, exhale) under water just freaks me out. But don't get me wrong - I like, no I LOVE to swim and I was always wondering how the world under the surface must look like. I mean, since almost half a year we're sailing in the clearest waters and I never saw the underwater world! That was maybe the reason that caused my personal break through today. We went to a lovely beach by dinghy and Marco explained to me step by step how to use the snorkel gear. He was very patient - Yes, that's really possible - and waited till I was ready.

And I was finally able to do it! I learned that snorkeling has nothing to do with diving. There is no need to put the head under water to see below! I'm so happy I finally overcame my fear and opened up my eyes to a bigger picture of the world we're sailing in. Thank you my love!

With love from paradise


  1. Welcome to a wonderful fun world of new discovery. We love to snorkel and you will too. Keep working at it and you will be amazed. Clean your inside of mask with dish detergent then rinse well and it will not fog up! Have fun!

  2. Wow Rahel, good for you congrats. Be proud of yourself! Celebrate that step (I guess that is kind of difficult you guys seem to celebrate all the time :-))! Enjoy and have fun, snorkeling is one of the best ways to relax and just be (I can do without sharks, but other than that....).
    We enjoyed our Cappella today too....