18 June 2012

After Hurricane Season Plans

Here we are again: Planning! After having a couple of healthy gin and tonics we found ourselves sitting in the cockpit and planning the season after the Hurricane break. While planning in this case means we're discussing options, without any weather charts or even world maps. The main topic was: Should we make our way towards the Pacific or stay another year in the Caribbean?

To make a long story short; We will stay another season in the Caribbean! Even if I would love to go on, there are several and I believe good reasons to spend some more time here. First of all there is still a lot to see, a bunch of unexplored islands (at least by us) are still out there! After all, why the hell should we rush through one of the most beautiful parts of the world?
Additional a bit more experience cannot be a bad thing either. No, we are not scared to make the 3'000 miles passage between Galapagos and the Marquesas, we just have a healthy respect. I really believe Habibi is ready and the crew would manage it as well. So far, neither 40 knots of wind nor 12 foot waves on the nose could stop us, why should a longer trip? I'm pretty sure in twelve months or so we'll announce our heading towards Columbia, ABC's or St. Blas islands at this point. Stay tuned...

Knowing now our next season's plans, we really look forward to sail up north again. We're already discussing anchorages we missed and places we need to visit again. Since the trips will now be shorter, it's more plannable as well. Which maybe means that some more friends can stop by easier. We are really exited and already looking forward to the end of the Hurricane break in a few months....

PS: Dear parents, before you take now a too deep a breath since we postponed the Pacific crossing, please acknowledge: Postponed! It's still on our agenda. But anyway,  I can ensure you, sailing is not as life threatening as you think. By experience, the single most dangerous thing we encountered so far was the liquor locker :-)

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  1. Sounds like a great plan... and as for 'being scared'. A healthy respect is simply the right way to approach your journey.

    Thank you Rahel for my Birthday wishes. We spent 3 days on the beach, no not on the boat, on a lovely island on the gulf, we were on Sanibel. I decided that I wanted my 'family' which means Nyoko (our big flat coated retriever mix) with us. Ok we left the 7 cats ( yes I have kind of adopted 5 strays, I can just not bear the thought that they would be killed which they would be, if I bring them to animal rescue) at home!!! We had a great time, we missed the boat, Nyoko did not!

    Enjoy paradise!
    Hugs Maya