02 June 2012

A (almost) perfect day!

if you wonder what's in the front: "work less"
This day was almost damn perfect! We planned a very short cruise from Union Island to Carriacou, which is already part of Grenada. Just a short island hop. The weather forecast said winds over 25 knots and still high waves. Nevertheless - we decided to go. Getting the clearance from Union island was quite hilarious. It took the lady at the customs some time to convince the other lady to stop the computer game, get rid of the headphones and do her job. Immigration was even a bit more tricky:  Why do I have a blank stamped and signed (!) immigration receipt in my passport? After I could convince the lady that I do not sell immigration papers for human trafficking purpose and I guessed it was just a mistake from the guys at our port of entry (they watched TV while doing my papers) all was easy again. I could join Rahel at the French restaurant where she had breakfast while I was "working"  
Finally we almost flew with up to eight knots over to Carriacou. Way to short that trip! Anchoring was a bit difficult in Hillsborough as the ground was very grassy. Finally after the fifth or so attempt the hook went in. Immigration to Grenada was a blessing. Yes, I had to visit three different offices, but the guys are really friendly. 

After some sightseeing and bargaining at the local fruit and vegetable market we found ourselves later this afternoon hanging around on the boat, having a few beers, fishing and discussing the meaning of life (yes, we still talk to each other). Sounds perfect doesn't it?

So if you still wonder how a perfect cruisers' day may look like here are a few hints:
  1. In my case the most important thing is to ensure my wife is not hungry! Don't laugh! You've probably never met her when she hasn't got eaten! I tell you, go into your zoo of choice and ask if you could play whit hungry lions - you will get the picture! Since we (she) had nice breakfast, late lunch and dinner with dessert all is perfect.
  2. Nothing broken on Habibi
  3. Work slow and sail fast: Clearance and Immigration are not the fastest over here. But sail quickly in between so you make the office hours (8-12 & 14-16H!!) and things are again (almost) perfect.
  4. Have some ice cold beers in a nice anchorage
  5. Catch some fish. While some is probably a stupid description. I mentioned the gremlin already on my facebook site, but at least we still have something to laugh about...see pic below
  6. Have some more beers
  7. Prepare dinner (no fish tonight!) and have a glass of wine or two while watching the sunset
  8. Still nothing broken (yet)
  9. Making bananas with local nutmeg syrup for dessert
  10. Having a few more....I guess you know....
  11. and last but not least, go to bed with the only concern if you should stay another night here or not....
I admit, it's not always like this, but I can ensure you the sun shines generally much brighter here than in every office cubicle I've ever visited the last 25 years! So go and live your dream!

our little Gremlin