30 June 2012

Best public transport system - ever!

Marco squeezed in the bus

If it comes to public transport we're spoiled. Back home, public transport is fantastic, it goes everywhere, is clean and on time. That's maybe the reason why small Switzerland is world leader with annual miles per person in public transport. So it was just fair to consider the Swiss public transport system as one of the best. WRONG!!! The public bus system in Grenada can top that:

There are minibuses running everywhere. They have a few lines which serve the whole island. Price for a fare/person is 2.5 EC (0.9 USD). But the price is not the point. The bus drivers act more like taxi drivers, they stop almost everywhere and fight for each customer (for a few EC extra they may even make a diversion to load you off closer to your destination). If you leave the marina they already yell at you before you even reach the exit, then they drive towards you to pick you up. You never wait more than 2 minutes for a bus. They are simply amazingly friendly - frankly I have no clue why there still are taxis on this island. 

Yes, the little buses are crowded like hell - I was not aware that you can seat 20 people in them (including the driver and the guy who collects the money, handles the luggage and yells for customers). So they may not be as comfortable as back home, but their better sound system is more than compensating for that. You always get the latest hits, some buses even run a small TV to show music videos. 
notice the TV in the front!

I give a damn about all the gimmicks like big seats with arm rests, WiFi and so on in the trains back home. I prefer this little buses which carry us with almost light speed towards new adventures than traveling in full comfort towards the office! Like I said, best public transport ever.

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  1. We need to get down there to discover Grenada, it sound great. Thank you for the report..
    PS....103 degree F here on the Chesapeake Bay!