17 September 2012

alone again

When we picked up our friend Silvia from the airport three weeks ago we thought we had plenty of time to spend together... But time flies - even in paradise!
Nevertheless I guess (and I hope) our guest got a nice insight into island and sailor's life. Habibi is at the moment in "harbor mode" - so we're leading more a landlubber life (we don't have as much to worry about water, electricity, internet connection or rolly conditions as on anchor) which for sure made adaptation easier. To still get a feeling of cruising she booked a sailing class with our friend Rene at Sailing School Grenada and according to him she's a natural! Another benefit of 20 hours on the water: she got a nice sun tan ;-) 
As I think a picture is worth a thousand words I've put together some highlights of Silvia's stay. And yes, I think Marco was happy that for once I had another model to take pictures of...   

Even though we already started to transform the guest cabin back into our storage room I miss her and I'm grateful having had the opportunity to spend some time together. It obviously doesn't matter where we live in this world we always manage to meet each other!

With love from paradise

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  1. What beautiful photos! Your blog will soon pass TAUR's....congrats keep blogging!