20 September 2012

haircut after ONE year!

Sorry guys, but here comes a "blond girly" blog entry - I try to cut it short ;-)
The next one will be a more technical one, promised.

I was never a beauty salon addict. But I still paid the hairdresser of my trust a visit once every three months or so. It was just recently that I realised: I got my last haircut in September 2011!!

Don't get a wrong picture - it's not that I let myself go. I dyed my hair on a regular basis by myself and let the sun do the rest. I could just never bother to make an appointment with a hairdresser on one of the islands we've visited so far... I don't want sound prejudiced but it was already difficult to find the right hairdresser back in Switzerland or the Middle East who could handle my curly hair! And it's still very different to the afro-textured hair of most local ladies. They might be great in straightening and braiding... And then there is the language problem - I think it would be hard for me to explain my idea in French or Spanish. Those days are gone when I was ready for any experiment and surprise ;-)

Cruising on one hand and being in a hot climate on the other hand reduces the desire for a fancy hairstyle anyway. I usually tie my hair up first thing in the morning because otherwise I'm sweating too much and I get knots in my hair instead of in our sheet ropes... After washing my hair I just simply let it air-dry. But my bun was growing and getting heavier and when I discovered split ends I finally decided to give in.
Spending a longer period of time in one place gives you the opportunity to listen around for experiences of others. That's how in the end I've chosen Michelle from Spice Isle Retreat Unisex Hair Salon in Grenada as she was highly recommended to me from different people.

And I'm glad that I finally got a decent haircut! My hair looks healthy again. It will dry quicker and be easier to tie up - and I might even wear my hair loose once in a while as my hubby really likes that ;-)

15 cm shorter, believe it or not!

I don't know if I will wait again one year till my next appointment. Actually it wasn't too bad except for my split ends - and just calculate for yourself what amount of money I saved! That's enough for plenty of nice cocktails on the beach...

With love from paradise

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