18 January 2012


Internet access in the Bahamas is at best random and slow (@ Suzana & Vlado – much slower than the one at DIC on bad days :-)). Besides it’s costly for what you get: 10 USD per day for max. 200MB up & download! So no skype, big mails or fancy web pages.

But we do not complain, just read the statement from the Bahamian Service provider:


This service uses a satellite uplink for all traffic. On its best day, it will seem slow compared to any land-based service. It's 22 thousand miles to the satellite, which means it's 44 thousand miles before your request hits the Internet, and 44 thousand for the data to come back. No matter how you slice it, 88 thousand miles may take more than a few seconds for a response. So remember, you're in the Central Exumas with the most beautiful water and Cay's anywhere on the planet. Fast Internet is available at most office buildings and cubicles in the states. Would you really want to trade where you are for a cubicle?

The secret to happy surfing on a slow network?
1. Click on the link
2. Take a drink of your Kalik
 (Local Beer)
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 above until network appears to have blazing speed

Nothing to add from our side!
Life is great

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  1. Wow! Can't believe (STILL) that you guys are doing this .. :-) David and I are thinking of heading in that direction for our delayed honeymoon sometime in March ... Maybe Antigua .. Not sure yet....