21 January 2012

Laundry with the best view in the world*

I guess you folks think we're running around in our swimsuits (or even nothing...) all day long and therefore don't need do do a lot of laundry. WRONG. As for us having lived in the Middle East for three years, water temperatures of 25°C/77°F are almost too cold to even bath your toes in, not even thinking about to go for a swim every day. And since those temps are not yet reached daily we're still wearing ordinary clothes (Shorts and T-shirts count as normal cloths right?) But even shorts and some shirts are piling up in the laundry basket over a couple of weeks. And as we do shower from time to time and sleep in a quite big bed, the towels and linen are adding up too of course.
In a cruisers community you're exchanging tips like where and even more important WHEN to find fresh produce (after the mailboat's arrival), where to find the nice and protected anchorages, fresh water (fortunately we do have a watermaker) or where you can do your laundry. Black Point was recommended to have a pretty nice laundry facility. But we almost had to rub our eyes when we actually got there! There was a building, neatly painted in white with the sign "Laundermat" on it and when we entered we counted at least 20 washing and drying machines in a room with the most amazing view you can imagine! It's not cheap though, we paid for six washing/drying loads 21.- Dollars but hey, it was worth it!
As you may have discovered, we're getting excited about really basic stuff already!

With love from paradise

*Thanks for giving me the idea for the titel Tammy from: http://ploddinginparadise.blogspot.com/


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    1. soso.... Marco is writing about fishing - and Rahel has to do the laundry. This matches about *every* clichee I know. :)