22 January 2012

Shopping with a list?

Usually you prepare a list of what you need - either handwritten on a notebook or the modern version, saved in your smartphone - so you can tick it off while shopping. We had to change this habit rapidly! Most stores we encountered so far in the Exumas do look like this: a couple of shelves and a freezer in a corner. If you're lucky there are some fresh veggies and fruits but only immediately after the mailboat's arrival. Two days later - nada. And if you take a closer look of the freezer - it looks mostly rusty and not too promising. The meat or chicken is usually packed in zip-lock bags without any date of expiration... If you ask the shopkeeper he immediately assures you it came with the last mailboat! Do you understand now why Marco instists to catch our own food?? We're glad that we stocked up well back in the US and hope to find some proper stores in the next bigger town...

With love from paradise

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  1. I very nearly cried when I went into this store, the "biggest" provisioning stop between Nassau and Georgetown!