18 January 2012

Piggeldy & Frederick* or the pig beach

We heard many stories in advance about Staniel Cay in the Exumas. Mostly there was mentioned the "Staniel Cay Yacht Club" famous for its New Years Day Cruising Boat Regatta and local C-Class races - short, it seems to be the regions cruising headquarter with sailors belonging to some of the best in the Bahamas.
A highlight and almost mandatory trip for visiting snorklers is the renowned Thunderball Grotto, a spectacular skylit underwater cave featured in several Hollywood films (James Bond, Splash).
But we've got the best tip from friends knowing the region quite well. Take the dinghy, don't forget to bring some veggies and drive towards a specific beach. Just by hearing the outboard motor they're appearing immediately: pigs! And you don't have to land the dinghy. No, they come to you as they can swim! And they are very hungry and therefore demanding all the veggies you have. What a picture - swimming pigs! That was definitely my highlight in Staniel Cay. Marcos highlight might have been another, but more in the next post if you like...

With love from pigadise

* Piggeldy & Frederick: a cartoon (unfortunately only in German) we grew up with as children in Switzerland featuring two pigs. In every episode Piggeldy asked his big brother Frederick a specific question and he always answered: nothing easier than that, come with me!

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  1. Absolutely, positively the very best blog pictures EVER! MOOOOORE!!!!!!