01 July 2012

Happy weekend

Port Louis Marina, our current "home"

While on anchor we tend to ignore weekends, or better we just don't notice if it's a weekday or a Sunday. There is basically no day off, the life on board is the same everyday. You wake up when the sun is shining in your face and go to bed when night sets in (as mentioned in another blogpost, cruiser's midnight is at 9pm!) - the time in between is filled with boat maintenance, different chores, maybe sailing, fishing or snorkeling and of course cooking, eating and drinking (on your boat, on another boat or on the beach).
This changes significantly when we're staying in a marina. We take part on the landlubbers life again and go to the Gym, buy our food fresh in the market or store when needed, are running erands during opening hours, go to Happy Hour at 5pm, sometimes eat out and go to bed late. Sunday all the shops are closed and the city is quiet - no people, no hustle & bustle, no traffic. That's when we try to relax and enjoy a day off again.
I think both lifes have their pros and cons!

Here some impressions from our stroll through St.George's. Happy weekend everyone!

From paradise with love

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