19 July 2012

got fish?

Please note Marco's shirt - how suitable!

I feel sometimes like the wife of a fisherman - wait, I AM the wife of a fisherman! What Marco started in Dubai as a hobby he now tries to bring to perfection on our sailing trip. And I have to live with that... Don't get me wrong - I love to eat fish. But there are pros and cons:

- if Marco is lucky, we get a delicious fresh fish for dinner/lunch (and you KNOW it is fresh)
- there is always a surprise factor included - we never know what he'll catch therefor we don't know what's for dinner/lunch
- we get to know different creatures of the sea
- if Marco is unlucky he always tries to improve his fishing methods (trial and error)
- it's a way of spending some time outdoors, empty the mind and drink some beer
- if he is lucky it's economical and it saves money for our cruising kitty

- Since Marcos luck is still random, I always have to have an alternative dish ready
- if I join for a fishing trip, he usually has to release most fish as they are too cute - means we end up with no fish but some serious discussions about the benefits of being married :-) As a result I'm not that often invited anymore for fishing trips...
- I don't know what's the reason but Marco sometimes catches really ugly, funny looking , poisonous and definitely unedible creatures of the sea! The  result is the same - no fish for dinner/lunch!
-  And that's usually the time to spend more money for all kinds of "bullet-proof" fishing gimmicks. I guess that's a boy thing - getting more and better gadgets we cannot afford while the locals usually catch more fish with simple bamboo sticks... Which of course drives my fisherman then crazy and it's on me to cheer him up again!

Yesterday Marco went out fishing with some buddies and returned home with a big catch! He caught this huge and beautiful and edible JACK FISH! Since his friend got a smaller Blackfin Tuna which he shared with us the day was made.

Jack Fish

Then I was actually dreaming of a Yellowfin Tuna (Yes, I can be that precise in the meantime!) but Jack is just as delicious if not tastier! And if you have a fish as fresh as this one, there is one dish you have to use it for first: SUSHI

So off I went to get all the ingredients needed but unfortunately couldn't find a sushi rolling map and nori seaweed sheets - so no Makis this time! Instead of Sushi rice I could just find Jasmine rice - but that worked out great as a substitute. We once participated in a Sushi cooking class but that was ages ago. Means I had to improvise in all respects...

May I proudly present you the result of today's lunch: self-made Nigiri and Sashimi!

And that's for dinner: Sesame crusted Jack and Tuna fish with Teriyaki stir-fry vegetables and rice. Mmhhh..
You see, sometimes it is not bad to be married to a fisherman... ;-)

From paradise with love

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  1. Rahel,
    That's the way to eat. Looks like some amazing Sushi better send Marco out for more fish.... Your really on to something there.

    Here is a couple humorous alternatives to the original teach a man to fish proverb:

    Teach a man to fish and you've fed him for a lifetime ... unless, of course, he doesn't like sushi -- then you also need to teach him how to cook.

    Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day Teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.