03 July 2012

name wanted

Our new dinghy is still nameless! I don't think this is a good thing for a boat. And we will not put "Tender of Habibi" on it. Yes, you see this often - people think it's cool to name the dink after the mother ship. It's not cool, it's actually stupid, as a matter of fact it's tremendously stupid.

Imagine you're one of this clever dicks who paints now the name of his yacht on the dinghy. And your dinghy is at shore while you're shopping or whatever. A dink on land indicates your boat on anchor is most probably unattended. But it's difficult to say which dink belongs to which boat. EXCEPT of course you have been so smart to put the name of your boat on it! 
You do not need to be a scientist to figure out what can happen: Even a drunk pothead (yes, exactly this kind that already hangs out early afternoon) is now capable to figure that out: One scumbag will watch your dink to see when you're coming back, while his friend "checks" your boat for any valuables. Stupid, eh? 
And for the sake of argument: Yes, it's easy to spot a yacht without dink anyway. But it needs a bit more effort to check and see where the owners are. It's like everywhere in the world, most of theft just happen when you become an easy target. 

So our dink will not be called "Little Habibi" or so. I would like to have something funny but we're out of ideas (I liked "Red October" but that's a friend's dink name already). Help us to find a juicy name! Asking you - any great idea how we could call our little, very fast dinghy?


  1. Ma Bebe? (Using an iPad and can't put accents, but it is French for baby, so "My BAby")

    Wee Bibi?

    BeBe BiBi. LOL This is fun! Hobnob.

  2. This is our first part of names: :) 1. Goofing around 2. F1 Power Dinghy 3) F1 dinghy 4) Plan B 5) Ferrari sponsor
    6) Two-seater 7) Soft top 8) Open top

  3. 9) fast and furious
    10) PFD (Personal floating device) :):)

  4. In Arizona, we have huge dust storms during our summer monsoons. Recently the news have begun calling them Haboobs. A haboob (Arabic: هَبوب‎ "strong wind") is a type of intense duststorm carried on an atmospheric gravity current. Haboobs occur regularly in arid regions throughout the world. So my vote is to name your new dingy "Haboob"

  5. How about "Fant-a-Sea" or "Cool Breeze" or "Incognito" or "Dude" or "License 2 Chill"

    Cheers Stefan

  6. The modus oprandus of a little criminal
    Let us see a dinghy and a boat true the eyes of a specialist.

    1.The dinghy for the totally bankrupt cruiser:

    A guy alone, a beard of one meter, a boat that looks likes shit. Hates the whole world and especially those fancy cruisers. He found away to be far away of the system. Ok, sometimes he has to go ashore to find some fruit under the trees.
    His dinghy is an inflatable, made from some cheap Chinese plastic that will melt when the temperature becomes over 30C and will have an air hole when you wife have long nails. No possibility to put an outboard. Just row and when you have more then10 knots of wind you will have a perfect workout.
    For this cruiser it is totally not a problem to name the dinghy the same as the boat.
    He will do that with a permanent marker that he found on the street and stopped working half way.

    Conclusion of the criminal: Let’s see or we can become partners…

    2.The dinghy for the almost bankrupt cruiser:

    Some PVC what is glued together and a piece of wood to mount an outboard. He bought cheap heavy used one. You will see that the PVC is already destroyed by the sun and has a enormous amount of patches on it. He also have to pump it every day to keep floating. He is using a used smoking, hard to start, 10 times painted outboard engine with a max 3 horse power.

    Conclusion of the criminal: If I catch enough fish today (criminals are fishing during the day to observe dinghies and boats) I will bring him some. Let’s help the poor guy. (Criminals are also human)

    3.The dingy for the poor, busy and happy cruiser: (mine:))

    This type of cruiser has not enough savings, no regular income and have to be very creative to live the life he choose for. You will not find him in a Marina, always at anchor or at a mooring. But he is always dreaming to buy one day a dinghy with a hard bottom and a good engine!
    He is using a used dinghy made from Hypalon or Neoprene (fancy names for synthetic rubber) because it stands the sun better. Off course a highly developed piece of painted cheap wood to mount the outboard. And if the paint is gone it will rot to the end. Because it is old you will see some patches on it. A used outboard (off course) from a brand nobody heard of with max 6 HP.
    He is not thinking about a name for his dinghy…. So much other things to do.

    Conclusion of the criminal: For God’s sake, is there nothing better to steal? Who want to buy this crap? I’m sure I will not find much on his boat too or maybe…. Forget it! There are enough bigger fishes around. I will come back when he bought a hard bottom!

  7. 4. The dinghy for a common cruiser
    A retired couple with enough savings to cruise around but they are taking care how to spend their money. They are buying good and solid stuff but are not over reacting. They will do anything what is possible to protect their goods.
    He will buy the Opel Astra under the dinghy! A nice hypalon dinghy with a hard bottom from polyester, No wood for the outboard anymore but nice maintain free polyester. The outboard is not so big between 6 and 9 HP from a average brand.. But the hard bottom will give him more speed!
    Because they want to use it for years, they bought also an extra cover to protect their precious dink against the sun and some slings to lift the outboard. Every night they lift the dinghy to protect it and keep it clean. When they are going ashore the dinghy is protected with a big lock and a stainless steel chain, what is normally used to more an oil tanker. Of course he will buy letter templates and with special rubber paint, put a name on the dinghy in style of the boat.

    Conclusion of the criminal: Interesting… Good dinghy to steal, little bit light engine, easy to sell, especially to those cruisers type 3. They almost never leaving their boat, don’t eat in restaurants and will be back very quickly. I will not find so much money on board because he will have it in his wallet, that is with a rope under his shirt. But they will have some nice gadgets…When we take the risk let see or there some better victims

  8. 5. “The” triple A dinghy for the common cruiser:
    To young to be retired, they were working very hard and had the luck to make enough money to buy a boat and cruise some years around the world.

    It was a long time ago that this cruiser left the status 3. Everything is shiny, well maintained even the wood work is recently varnished. Good Christmas tree on the back with Solar panels, wind generator, and a Wifi antenna with booster. In the cockpit a big plotter, new lines everywhere and even the sails are shiny. His boat is screaming “I am very well equipped!!” Suddenly he calls his dinghy a rib! And not just a rib, it has to be a very well known brand, of course a hard bottom but not polyester. That will slow down the “rib” It has to be aluminum light, strong, no maintaining and it will give the “rib” warp speed. Outboard: A new one, 2 stroke (those are faster) and when he could choose he will put at least a 15HP. But now…. his wife comes in action. The new dinghy makes sense but why such a heavy engine? The next step will be that you have to buy a lift to get it on the boat. Ok ok, 10HP will do for now!

    Conclusion of the criminal: BINGO!! European flag. Swiss even better!! Let see what the boat name is. Most of the time this kind of cruisers have a blog with all the details of the boat and what there plans are. O my God, he gave the dinghy a totally different name then the boat… Tsss he really thinks that I’m still living in a tree. So let see on my I-phone (criminals are also well equipped) what my friend Google will tell me. O yes that is the boat! Look at the list..

    Water makers are very “in” those days
    40 A battery charger,
    Xantrex 1000 Watt Sinus Inverter with remote control, Some nice batteries,
    Raymarine chartplotter with active AIS and touchscreen at Helm
    Raymarine chartplotter with radar overlay at Nav desk
    Raymarine navigation (wind, depth, boat speed)
    Raymarine hydraulic autopilot
    ICOM VHF DSC Radio
    ICOM SSB DSC Radio
    Laptop navigation with dedicated GPS
    Handheld GPS
    7 x 50 Binoculars with Compass
    Hand bearing compass

    WOW! That will be a nice project! I have to arrange that cruiser type 1 will give me the information what they are doing whole day. I can bet that he adores good wine and food… so a lot of restaurants. That will give us some time. When they are not on the boat, we first have to drop some guys to dismount everything.
    Later the big boat can come to pick up everything…. Pff, why are they making those batteries so heavy.

    Don’t fuck with the professional Skipper! And let be honest… Plastic, PVC, Polyester or Aluminum… the main thing is just a big AIR BUBBLE!


    The real dinghy specialist.

  9. You could name it "B-back" because every time you get into the dinghy your tell your girl....I will "be back" soon....so name it B-Back. Another name for you could be "Lil Love"....to compliment your Habibi name and meaning....