23 July 2012

I hate boats but I love pizza

Did I tell you that I actually deeply hate boats? 
I mean I'm starting to be an expert in so many things already I didn't have the vaguest notion of a few months back. It looks as if I had the fridge problem under control by now (fingers crossed). I'm going to mount a new anchor windlass the next week and Yes, I'll do an engine service all by myself. But as soon as I lay back and start to enjoy the fruits of my labour, a new challenge seems to be popping up.

Today Rahel prepared a pizza for dinner, and believe me there's a long process behind. Even though her pizza topping was tasteful from the start, sometimes the crust was so hard that you actually needed a diamond bladed chainsaw with a 200 horsepower engine to cut it into pieces. And if you wanted to keep your teeth you refused to chew and just swallowed whatever was served. Thanks god that's changed in the meantime. Her pizza is completely homemade and simply delicious. I'm really looking forward each time she takes the trouble to make one. But how is the saying on a boat? If it's not broken just wait...

So today, after preparing the dough and the topping the pizza was finally in the oven. And then I heard this: "Honey, I think the oven is not working anymore!"

Yes, of course, for some reason this damn oven thermostat broke exactly when my pizza (which finally doesn't scare me anymore)  was in the stove. You need to know that I have no clue about propane ovens. Niente, nada. So I had to dig into the manual, consult the web while working over a still damn hot oven. Always scared that I do something wrong and a possible propane leak could blow me, the boat and worse the pizza up into the blue Grenadian sky. I guess I found the minor problem, just a stuck thermostat - nothing that couldn't be solved with some grease. 
Still, do I really need to be an expert in everything just to get a simple pizza????

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  1. Hey...if Rachel can make pizza from scratch....the least you could do is keep the darn stove working! ;-) Come on man, you have a great sailor girl making you boat pizza...u lucky man!