07 August 2012

Kiranival is approaching fast!

Since we arrived in Grenada beginning of June there was only one topic: Carnival or as they may rename it now to Kiranival*. The launch of Carnival happened June 2nd and since then every Thursday, Friday and Sunday there is a Spicemas (Pre-Carnival Party) going on in Carnival City just opposite our Marina - No, don't ask if we get enough sleep...
But the actual Carnival Events that we are interested in like the parade will take place August 13th and 14th. Will I take pictures? You bet!

I even could get a sneak peak at some of this year's costumes!! A local steel band, the "Commancheros", invited people to listen to their music and we later on got the opportunity to see the working space of their associates where some of the costumes are made. I loved the smell of glue and spray paint! This year's presentation of this group is all about capturing different moments in Twilight.

I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of steel bands neither is Marco... But this group really did a great job! They showed us how they prepare the steel pans: they have to tune the drums/pans and some even need to be welded. The smaller sized steel pans contain all the notes you can play, the bigger drums may use only a few notes. Traditionally made out of used oil barrels nowadays the instrument makers get the resonance bodies shaped according to their preferences and technical specifications.


Looking forward to see the costumes AND steel pans LIVE at Kiranival!!
More pictures as always on our facebook page: www.facebook.com/habibisails

With love from paradise

* Kirani James is a young sprinter from Gouyave, Grenada who is the reigning world and Olympic champion, winning the 400 metres at London 2012 on August 6th, the first Olympic medal for his country ever. It happened during the public holiday "Emancipation Day" that celebrates the abolition of slavery. And as the government was as thrilled as its people about this Gold medal they announced August 7th as an other public holiday!

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