02 August 2012

weather update

source: www.crownweather.com

As we're watching the weather closely it seems that we're off the radar!
The low pressure system Invest99L was upgraded to Tropical Depression #5 and may still form into Tropical Storm Ernesto BUT as you see in above graphic the track moved slightly north of due west with landfall in St.Lucia at around noon Fri3. We're staying alert as it's in the nature of weather that it may change. But other than a lot of rain and some increased wind we don't really expect tropical strom conditions down here in Grenada.

Someone who seems to be benefiting by the current weather conditions is our marina. It's almost full with sailing boats! Only the big boat docks are empty with the exception of two vessels: 211ft trimaran "Pilar Rossi" and 164ft motor yacht "Arianna".

unusual to see so many boats on "our" dock

empty big boat docks

Pilar Rossi & Arianna

With love from paradise