07 November 2012

Good to be back - to the cruising life

Marco's off to catch dinner
Maybe you remember - our last anchor maneuver before we arrived in Grenada was in Tyrell Bay, Carriacou. It was here where our old anchor windlass died, the last time we anchored before Hurricane season - you can call it "blessing in disguise". And it kept us busy for a couple of weeks to mount our new one, we wrote about it here and here.

Now we're back and can enjoy it much more! It is a very protected huge bay and it seems even though there are a lot of boats you always find a nice spot. In comparison to St.George's it is very quiet and not at all rolly. So you can tell we slept like babies the last night and there is nothing better than to wake up in an anchorage, having a coffee in the cockpit and enjoy the scenery.
It must sound silly to you but we need some time off from our time off ;-) Seriously, we worked hard on Habibi the last couple of months! Therefore we're enjoying to do whatever is in our mind at the moment: Marco can either fish off the boat or take the dinghy and I'm taking pictures, swimming or reading - soon we'll be discovering the island a bit. So stay tuned for more!

what view to wake up to

Tyrell Bay in morning light

fishing boat from Venezuela - do they don't have enough fish there?

notice the BIG dog in the front!
With love from paradise

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  1. OF COURSE we notice the BIG dog in front, looks a lot like our "cruising baby''