30 November 2012

should we stay or should we go?

As mentioned before the only one who is guiding us is the weather. If the forecast is bad we stay, if it's good we go. Unfortunately it's not always as easy as that... Perfect conditions for us would be 10-15 knots of wind out of the East and seas at around 3-4 feet. The wind velocity at the moment are higher and so are the seas. That wouldn't be a problem for Habibi but the wind direction is more from the North - and we have to go North! It means we had to motor against wind and seas - no bueno. So we are waiting, listening to the forecast, checking the web and talking to fellow sailors. We sometimes think that we are too cautious. But then we're talking to cruisers who are on the way since 7 or 13 years, some of them even circumnavigated the world two times - and when those folks tell us they rather keep waiting than get beaten up out there we are relieved!

We see boats coming and leaving every day, most of them are charter boats. They have to set sail at one point no matter how bad the conditions are. We are happy that we are not pressured to move from A to B at a specific day. And there are worse places to wait for a weather window than Bequia ;-)

Admiralty Bay: Habibi is the 4th boat from left
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  1. Stay....that us what cruising is all about. In your trip south you blew through every place so fast that you had to miss a lot. Now you can enjoy it and take your time. STAY