09 November 2012


Yes, we live currently in the lobster paradise. And since the season for this poor creatures started a few months ago we (HE) join the hunters.

There is just one problem: Even though I love fish I really do not like shellfish! Knowing that my hubby likes this little monsters our marriage faces another challenge. I mean eating something you do not really like is one thing. Seeing this poor creatures fighting for their life on the cockpit floor is another thing! And realizing your husband is getting glassy eyes when taking his biggest knife for the kill does not really help to appreciate this kind of "food". What should I say. The poor lobster lost and even if I hoped otherwise it was clear what we would have for dinner. Damn!

After cleaning the cockpit - and believe me you have no idea how sticky lobster blood is - it was time to cook that poor bastard. Thanks god, despite all that hunt and kill instinct of my husband there was still some decency...he asked me if there would be a way I could enjoy shellfish.

What should I say. He got lobster tail with garlic butter from the grill while I got gambas al ajillo. OK not really, it should be called lobster al ajillo. I learned it's the most decadent way to eat lobster. I mean this is normally made with the cheapest shrimps a Spanish restaurant can find, right? But whatever, that's almost the only way (except Rock Hall Crab Cake of course) how I would eat shellfish.

So the lost of life was not for nothing. It left a big mess in the kitchen, but eating what our guys kill is probably a way to keep a marriage happy, right?

With love from (lobster) paradise

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