26 November 2012

"stuck" in Bequia

Visiting the same area for the second time gives us the opportunity to take a closer look of places we didn't have the time for last season. Like for example Bequia. We had just stopped here to check in and left after one night. Now we're just realizing what we've missed!
Marco checking the anchor in clear water

Habibi is anchored in Port Elizabeth close to a beach in clear, turquoise water - you can see to the ground even at night!! We never snorkeled so often off the boat like here (OK, one reason might be to check the anchor...). The town is tiny but lively. People are friendly and laid-back, there are a couple of nice restaurants right on the waterfront with good dinghy docks where you can sip on a cold beer while watching boats coming and going. It's an island of sailors and boats. We can somehow understand folks, often ex-sailors, who have chosen this charming island to "swallow the hook"...

beautiful traditional sailing boat

We still have to discover the island (it's only 18 sq km in area) and it looks like we'll have plenty of time for that. According to the weather forecast we had to make a decision to leave right away or stay another week - we decided for the latter ;-) We're not in a rush to be somewhere at a certain time...

It would be nice to experience the arrival of the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) though. The first boats just set sail in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria bound for the 2'800nm westward across the Atlanic to the Caribbean and should arrive mid of December in Rodney Bay, St.Lucia. For the first time since 23 years the start has been delayed due to bad weather. We wish all of the participants fair winds and a safe trip!

From paradise with love

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  1. I can not think of a better place to be stuck....DO NOT LEAVE!