06 November 2012

So long Grenada

St. George's in the back

Do you know the expression "sticky lines"? It means there is always something that prevents you from leaving the marina - or gives you the excuse of postponing your departure. We really planned to leave beginning of November. But then there was this nasty swell out in the anchorage! Why should we leave our quiet dock just to be rolling around on anchor? So we stayed a few more days. Then Marco and I fell ill. At the same time and that happens very rarely. But finally we had enough, untied the dock lines and just left.

After five months in the marina it feels great to be out again. No traffic noise, enjoying the view, the sunset and the peace. Finally we'll be out sailing again - we're so looking forward to the new season!

Here some final impressions of St.George's, capital of Grenada:

leaving Port Louis Marina

General Hospital of St.George's

another Swiss boat on the left

s/v Helios is leaving as well

our friends Carol & Alex on s/v Nepenthe

a nice sailing boat with a center cockpit

the captain is relaxing

a squall on the horizon

a boat cruising into the sunset

With love from paradise

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  1. Yahooo....you are free again! Its election night here in USA and you are lucky to be in paradise !!!!