06 November 2011

Belhaven, a heaven for mosquitoes

After a smooth cruise (and even some sailing!) we stopped for the night in River Forest Marina in Belhaven. Not the nicest so far but the most amusing. The highly recommended restaurant in our guide doesn't exist anymore, while trying to start running the pump-out machine at a nearby boat the hose was blast off (thank god it was during the rinsing process with water and not the actual pump out of poop...) and as Kris asked if it was more busy during summer the answer was: "there is nothing than mosquitoes"! We then tried to find a restaurant - but as it is Sunday the few places in walking distance were all closed. At a mexican shop we asked for further advice. And to our surprise the shopkeeper Ben closed his store and gave us a ride to the next open place! We had some really nice burgers in "Andy's" diner and the waitress thought our accent was "awesome"... After having finished our meal we gave Ben a call, he picked us up again and when we wanted to give him a tip he almost refused to take it! Amazing people here in NC!

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