14 November 2011

Welcome to South Carolina

We just have passed the border to South Carolina yesterday and our next destination Georgetown requested an early start this morning. As we were cruising further South on the ICW the beautiful scenery captivated us once again. For hours we passed by dense forests taking turns with exclusive waterfront villas that somehow reminded us of the tuscany... It is funny, even though we're motoring for hours we never feel bored! By arrival we quickly explored the historical town and on the picture below you see either the paper or the steel mill together with a typical water tower in the sunset.
Two days ago we met a lovely Swiss couple in a marina and after chatting along we generously got invited for dinner on board their sailing boat "Miranda II", an Ovni 35 - a big Thank you to you Agnes and Thomas! And who did we meet again in Georgetown? The world is really small - especially along the ICW. We then once again had a nice dinner together but this time we decided to eat out.



  1. Lovly trip are you on. Thanks for sharing your trip. I think alot to you. Good wind and weather in SC.

    Greetings from foggy Switzerland


  2. Lieber Steff, Danke für deine Grüsse! Freut uns, dass du unser Abenteuer auf diesem Weg verfolgst ;-)
    Liebs Grüessli
    Marco & Rahel